“Dimming of the Day”

I just completed this painting which represents the coast range of California near Cambria. The view is looking south to Morro Bay. Both Chris and I are pleased with the way it turned... READ MORE

The Tiffany Cypress

I painted this piece about 7 years ago but, upon reviewing it recently, decided it needed a more theatrical lighting effect. Specifically, I wanted warm light emanating from behind the cypress tree, creating... READ MORE

“Shapes and Colors”

Occasionally I go through periods in which loosening it up is helpful.  When doing so, I concentrate on shapes and colors rather than a more photo realistic representation.  This actually helps a lot... READ MORE

River Dreams

Here is my latest painting and frame.  Chris and I worked together on this frame.  It’s based on a design from a master wood worker from Seattle.  It was not easy squaring it... READ MORE