My latest small painting….

Here is my latest small painting.  It is derived from my experiences far in the backcountry of  the central Sierras here in California.  This was sketched on a calm evening the night before the wind went crazy and set fire to the town of Santa Rosa – west of this location by some 100 miles or so.   After this moment, the wind began to blow on the Sierra crest and gusted to at least 50 miles an hour.   I set up my tent for protection from the wind but that did little to help create a calm environment for sleep.   When I got up the next morning, several tent strings were torn but my tent and gear survived.   Sleeping, however, was next to impossible with all the drama and noise.   A night to remember for sure.   Back packing alone in the wilderness doesn’t always delivery serene wilderness moments but you can count on a life outdoors for memories to last a life time!

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