My latest small painting….

Here is my latest small painting.  It is derived from my experiences far in the backcountry of  the central Sierras here in California.  This was sketched on a calm evening the night before... READ MORE

My Latest Large Painting

This painting is the latest in a series of long horizontal works depicting the hills I grew up exploring in California.  It is 65 inches wide.  It is also the most “tonal” of... READ MORE

I just finished this piece.   I sketched it outdoors at the creek in the “backyard” and then painted it in the studio.   It’s actually much looser than it looks, and was... READ MORE

River Life

This new painting is titled “River Life”.   It means two things in this case.  One, life on the river in spring, especially during the American shad fishing season is way beyond beautiful,... READ MORE

Here is a small 4×9 inch painting that I just completed.  It’s a resolved work on it’s own but it’s primary purpose is as a study for a larger work.   I was... READ MORE