I just finished this piece.   I sketched it outdoors at the creek in the “backyard” and then

painted it in the studio.   It’s actually much looser than it looks, and was very fun to paint.  There

is so much new debris in the creek due to a huge spring runoff here in the Northern Sierras.  It was

fun and challenging to sketch and then paint the tangle of new dead fall fringing this pretty little creek.

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  1. Nancy Mosk

    Hello Dave,

    I stumbled upon your amazing artwork this afternoon when I stepped into the Christopher Queen Gallery in Duncans Mills. Wow! I love, love, love your miniatures and commentary, especially those accompanied by the delicate drawings of your fly fishing rod, line, and flies. My favorite is the Cutthoat Trout.

    With great appreciation,
    Nancy Mosk

    • Dave Sellers

      Hi Nancy, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Spending time outdoors doing the two things I enjoy the most, creating art and fly fishing is a fantasy and I am thrilled that the art experience for you communicated that fact. Hope you enjoyed Christopher Queen Galleries. Nancy, Tiare and Gary are the best and the Gallery is always fun to visit.

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