What Our Front Yard REALLY Looks Like!!

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I found out recently that Google has an old image of our house that comes up when people search “Dave Sellers Artist”. It’s of our home over 10 years ago, before we bought it as a foreclosed basket case fixer upper. The Google photo is an awful photo shot by a Google car showing the house as what it was at the time; the most neglected home in the neighborhood. After a lot of work, our home is now much more to our liking, both inside and out. I have pics of our re-tiled fireplace in an earlier blog post as an example of the interior of the home, which we decided to do in a craftsman style. This is a shot of the front yard showing a different medium I worked with back in 2013 – lodgepole pine and western red cedar. A fun project. I’ll post newer pics of Chris’s garden some time in summer 2019. It’s a mature garden after 6 years of hardscaping and waiting for the fruit trees and perennials to mature. It is really something to see in full bloom. We also enjoy our neighbors. Among them are young couples with kids, retirees, teachers, forest service employees, law enforcement officers…….and even a few artists! In other words, a working class neighborhood with full time residents. Most of the small communities around us are neighborhoods with second homes occupied only during the summer months. Chris and I are happy with our home, our neighborhood, and our life here.

  1. Leslie Jones

    Hi Dave and Chris from Leslie and Scott Jones! Dave, I came across a small print of yours, ” Arroyo Siesta” while cleaning out my art room. We miss you guys. Looks like things are going well for you, beautiful pics of the garden! We love our place here in Larkin Valley . The constant work to keep it up is a labor of love. Scott’s been busy w/ tile, golf and playing guitar. I have a plant propagation position at a local nursery that I enjoy, a doggy that goes with me and also loves the beach and frisbee. Looking for more rain this year. So wonderful to see your work and your success. Take care, warm wishes, Leslie

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