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  1. Cristina

    I love your artwork. Do you have a medium size artwork of the iconic “El Toro’ mountain of Morgan Hill?

  2. Peter W. Brown

    “Mr. Sellers”,
    Have two prob. early paintings of yours.
    1. Wind River Thaw small 8x?12
    2. Cave Creek, again a small painting. Both bought from J. Reiser in Carmel, who said he had had them for many years….bought from your father’s gallery in Morgan Hill……
    Wind River I assume is Wyoming….Cave Creek??? not so sure.
    I’ll send pictures if you are interested….

    Like your current work and the frames are great…kudos to “your framer” 😉
    Peter Brown

  3. Rod Broome

    Dave, please call me. We have two of your works and would like to talk about another.
    Thanks, Rod Broome, Carol Hack 6503143350

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