My first blog post highlighting a few new pieces

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I just finished these paintings and my framer, who happens to be my wife, Chris, made these beautiful frames for them. The frames are in the American form of Craftsman Style, specifically influenced by the amazing work of the Greene brothers. The Greene brothers (of the aptly named architectural firm Greene and Greene) designed several iconic homes in California including the Gamble House in Pasadena, Pitcairn House, Thorsen House among others.  They were also famous for their stained glass and fine furniture designs.   Introducing a Japanese influence into the California craftsman aesthetic, they refined the style, and for Chris and I, created a wonderful design ideal that we feel looks outstanding on my work.  We only use American hardwoods milled in America by small producers.  In fact, our main lumber provider is a one man operation and he happens to be a fellow fly fisher.   The entire process of my art from sketching the scenes I paint on location, mostly in the remote American west to sourcing all of my materials in America and finally using a uniquely American design tradition to present the final art is exceptionally rewarding and meaningful to me, to Chris and hopefully to you!

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