Memories of Fall Fishing…

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I live on the shores of a beautiful mountain lake in the Northern Sierras.  As an avid fly fisher, I spend a lot of time on the lake and love catching smallmouth bass, rainbow trout and, my favorite, in the fall at least, brown trout.   Here are a few of dozens caught this past fall.  I never get tired of seeing these fish as I bring them to hand and enjoy their amazing colors.  As a fly fisher, my ethic is catch and release so I get equal enjoyment from watching them swim away strongly into the cool clear waters of their home.


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  1. Jeremy

    You work is truly amazing…my mind adds in the sounds and smells.. and the frames, wow! Woodworking artistry…. Wow

    • Dave Sellers

      Thank you Jeremy. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I can tell you spend time outdoors and also that understand woodworking. Both make me and my wife, Chris, even more grateful for your words. Dave

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